"The Better Built Bondage Book is the perfect choice if you're crafty, not so crafty, kinky, or all of the above. As someone who is kinky but not so crafty, I was comforted by this book. The instructions are precise but unintimidating. The drawings are clear and helpful. And the photos are totally hot, too!"
-- Shelley Taylor, founder of Venus Envy Inc., www.venusenvy.ca

Great Sex Toys:
Make it today, use it tonight!

Hello! My name is Douglas Kent and I'm the author of The Better Built Bondage Book.

I started writing The Better Built Bondage Book because I wanted to build my own safe, high-quality, fun sex toys and realized that I couldn't find clear, well-illustrated directions anywhere.

Writing the book took me five and a half years. The book is absolutely packed with information, plans, directions and lots and lots and lots of images. There are also tons of ideas for customizing your toy to exactly suit you.

You probably haven't heard much about The Better Built Bondage Book - niche books like this don't get a lot of press. Perhaps you were directed here by a friend or a newsgroup. Perhaps you found this site using a search engine.

Hopefully, this site will convince you that this book will let you have all the great sex toys you want and still save a ton of money. However, I'm really not a good salesman. I'm not good at hyping. However, I regularly get email from happy folk who've bought the book; you can find quotes from them at the tops and bottoms of each page.

If you've never made a toy in your life, I'm certain this book will empower you to confidently try (and be successful, too). If you're an expert craftsperson, you'll learn new techniques and get well-tested plans for great toys and portable furniture that's probably sturdier and more compact than anything you've ever seen.

Thank you!

Douglas Kent


Douglas Kent receives an award of merit for The Better Built Bondage Book! A few quotes from the judges:
  • "Amazing graphics!"
  • "Beautiful photography and images!"
  • "This book is very well written!"
  • "Tips and extra information are very useful and humorous too!"
  • "This book is obviously a labor of love."

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  "The absolute encyclopedia of everything one could ever imagine as a kinky play toy...and yes, you can build it yourself! Easy-to-follow instructions make this book a kink lover's DIY dream. From floggers to erotic knots to bondage furniture, you'll be able to turn your spare room into a play room in no time... and at a fraction of the cost!"
-- Chanta Rose, author of Bondage for Sex, bondage rigger, model, producer