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How to Make a diagonal braid flogger

make your own braided flogger

Imagine having your very own beautiful professional-quality flogger! Now imagine having a whole collection of them! Can't afford to buy expensive floggers? Instead of buying a flogger, buy The Better Built Bondage Book, the materials, and make it yourself! You'll have enough left over for a nice dinner date and a fun way to end the evening, too! And every flogger thereafter costs you only a few dollars!

But wait, making braided floggers is really hard, right? Not anymore! The Better Built Bondage Book helps you understand braided handles and shows you a new way to make them.

Pop quiz! To create a complex flogger like this, you should read The Better Built Bondage Book and then:

  1. Grow six more arms
  2. Learn to warp the time-space continuum
  3. Kidnap the author and make him do it
  4. Watch a movie, eat junk food and make up the pattern as you go
  5. Both A) and B)

Answer: D
You don't need special skills or more arms, just The Better Built Bondage Book. Please don't kidnap me.

In fact, not only will The Better Built Bondage Book show you how to make your own braided floggers, you'll learn how to predict the shape of the diamond braid so your floggers are exactly the way you want them!

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