"The book is terrific! The instructions and diagrams are clear and easy to follow, and there's such a wealth of projects."
-- Nicole Okun, former moderator of ThisGroup (Ottawa BDSM forum)

How to make a Saint Andrew's Cross

make your own Saint Andrew's Cross

Compared to commercially made crosses, this cross is:

  • More compact
  • Faster to assemble
  • Faster to disassemble
  • More comfortable
  • Stronger
  • Far cheaper

Imagine the thrill of having your very own freestanding St. Andrew's Cross! The St. Andrew's Cross plans let you build a cross that's cheap, easy and quick to build. It's a portable St. Andrew's cross, too, so you can easily store it in a small closet.

The St. Andrew's Cross is safe, solid and very stable. In fact, it is almost untippable. The cross is very adjustable; both the width of the X and the recline angle are easily adjustable.

The footrests on the Saint Andrew's Cross eliminate the need for submissives to twist their ankles. Thus, they can comfortably stand with their legs spread significantly further apart, increasing the sensation of vulnerability and helplessness.

Unlike most BDSM St. Andrew's Crosses, this one folds down to a very manageable size. Setup takes about 178 seconds; tear down, 119 seconds.

As with all designs in The Better Built Bondage Book, safety was paramount. Though not apparent with a cursory glance, the cross is unusually safe; the book includes modifications to make the cross even safer.

If you've always wanted a BDSM X-frame for your own personal dungeon, this is the one to make!

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  "This is a MUST-GET book. It's loaded with real, down-to-earth projects, ideas, and step-by-step instructions that even a caveman can follow. The diagrams and pictures are better thought out and more detailed than any how-to book I have ever seen. You'll be able to make first-rate, grade-A toys and furniture that are safer than most commercially produced items, all for a fraction of the price. If you have a toy bag or dungeon in mind, you can fill it with the projects found here."
-- Lochai, author of Occupied, http://kirinawa.com